Bubble Waffle

bomb waffle with powdered sugar

Bubble Waffles is a complete novelty and a waffle revolution in Europe! The delicious, crispy dough baked in a specialist toaster can be combined with anything that comes to mind.

The sweet version can be dressed in whipped cream or ice cream with fruit, lentilles, mini meringue and a mass of others, which you will find in our shop.

Make your own waffle in 4 simple steps
  • 01. Choose a base
    01. Choose a base
    Nutella, jam or fudge
  • 02. Add cream
    02. Add cream
    can be without cream
  • 03. Next add a sprinkle
    03. Next add a sprinkle
    Juice balls, jelly beads, kit-kat, lion, lentilki, mini beans, mini foam
  • 04. Finally, the topping
    04. Finally, the topping
    fruit, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut