What will you gain by franchising ?

A well-known brand, training, assistance in opening premises, chances to develop yourself and your business. The franchise option is a good solution for people taking their first steps in their own business and for those who successfully run their own companies.
The right location, the right assortment and committed employees – all under the watchful eye of the owner. This is how the success factors of franchising can be described in a nutshell.

How quickly will I make money from a franchise ?

In the case of low-cost franchise concepts, the payback is much quicker. Of course, we cannot give our franchisees a 100% guarantee of success, as this does not depend on us alone. Franchisee’s commitment is one of the main factors of business success.
Companies are established to earn money, preferably a lot. The owners want to make as much profit as possible. Achieving profits, however, requires looking at the business from a broader perspective.

What tasks does the franchisor have ?

Franchisor helps to choose the location, prepares simulation of investment costs, estimates the rate of return, conducts training, guarantees marketing support. At the beginning, franchisee is trained both theoretically and practically, which helps him to learn the specifics of the business, secrets of production and recipes, operation of equipment.
Looking for a location is the biggest challenge. The return is much faster when a good location is chosen, so it is worth devoting more time to its search, analysis and final decision.
Franchisor helps to prepare the place ready to work, accepted by sanitary authorities. He introduces you to equipment suppliers and helps you choose the best offers.

How much money do I have to set aside to join a franchise network ?

Franchisees need money not only to purchase licenses, goods, or to renovate and equip premises, but also for financial security in the first months of operation, when the company is just gaining its first customers. Franchisers resort to various tricks in order to limit the burden of expenses on the part of their partners. Naturally, they have their own interest in this, as lower entry barriers mean faster growth of units in their network.
Opening your own Crazy Bubble franchise point costs up to 65000 PLN net. The amount depends on current prices of equipment, development of the stand or premises. And the location. Crazy Bubble also offers partnership to its customers. If you have your own functioning business, the cooperation starts from 999 PLN net.

How to create a successful team ?

Staffing is a very difficult aspect when starting a franchise outlet. It is more and more difficult to find people who are not only experienced but also willing to learn and cooperate. As a rule we do not interfere in recruitment, however we give our franchisees guidelines which they should follow when recruiting staff.  We have a psychological profile of the employee, which is most suitable for our industry. Work ethos is very important to us, we make sure that we treat our employees seriously and with respect, that we appreciate those who are good.
The new generation at the beginning of their careers is rarely tied to one place of employment. However, there are some young people who are immediately committed to their jobs and loyal to their employers. There is no single ready recipe for hiring a good employee. However, the most important criterion in evaluating a candidate is his/her attitude towards the client, communicativeness, personal culture and activity. Openness to others also guarantees a good atmosphere in a team, which is one of the most important elements in this business. When it comes to people in managerial positions, in addition to the qualities mentioned above, managers must have the ability to organize work well and to lead and motivate a team. Shift managers are usually chosen from the best people in the team, which makes it easier to avoid the wrong choice. Internal recruitment gives employees a chance for development and promotion, and for the employer – a choice of proven and committed people.
Our franchisees receive detailed guidelines which they should follow when selecting employees. Finally, during training, we decide together with whom to start cooperation.

What do we give of ourselves ?

As the franchisor, we are at the disposal of the franchisee during the entire term of the agreement, and the franchisee can always ask us for advice and assistance. We train our franchisees’ employees and carry out inspections to check the quality of their work.
Our franchisees can count on all forms of advice in this respect. We are a professional team that offers its knowledge, qualifications and experience.

What are the tasks of franchisee ?

Franchisee’s tasks include finding an appropriate location (of course franchisor offers its help and consultation), hiring employees, buying cash register and terminal. Franchisee has to report opening of gastronomic premises to health and safety authorities and before opening he has to find electrician and plumber who will make water and electricity connections.