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Our chain began by making exceptional teas in the Silesian province in southern Poland and now has started to expand in southern and eastern Europe. Isn’t that enough proof of guaranteed success?

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The franchisee’s responsibilities include:

  • Finding a convenient location 
  • Running a business 
  • Purchasing a fiscal cash register 
  • Signing a contract for a payment terminal 
  • Hiring employees 
  • Arriving at the point 4 hours before the opening to sign the acceptance protocol

A well-proven offer, booming trend and a sure target!


Our menu is full of additives, a varied number of flavors and most important - types of drinks! We hit the taste of the youngest as well as the older customers. We provide additional marketing support - our marketing department often refreshe the menu and add new flavors on the occasion of various events. We use only original ingredients - which guarantees high quality and customer loyalty to our chain.

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All items are available in our online store: -  where you will receive individual access and franchise price list. Products are shipped by courier service on pallets. We deliver the complete equipment and product stock to satisfy customer expectations.

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Taiwan - or the beginning of the story of us

Crazy Bubble is the only brand serving original, unique Taiwanese Bubble Tea drinks. The chain is inspired by the birthplace of the famous tea - Taiwan. There, the popularisation of desserts with tapioca pearls, a food product made from cassava in the shape of balls, was initiated. Tapioca combined with tea, milk and sugar ushered in the era of Bubble Tea. Over time, ideas for this beverage began to diversify, and ideas included fruit teas with additives such as popping boba, nata de coco or jelly.

What distinguishes Crazy Bubble is its continuous efforts to introduce new flavours and types of drinks that are based on the traditions of Asian countries, but are also based on the originality of the brand's own recipes and customer preferences. Our venues are located in shopping centres, amusement parks and public places such as restaurants and zoos. In addition, we cater for events throughout Poland. Thanks to the best possible quality of ingredients, imported from their country of origin, our drinks are very popular.