Nasze napoje



Have you ever tasted something that made you feel like you were visiting exotic countries full of flavors and aromas? Frozen milk with many available fruit flavors is just such a drink!
The extremely smooth and creamy texture of the milk drink melts in your palate, while giving you a refreshing and cooling sensation. The set of flavors you can choose from is truly impressive - from the unusual taro flavor (reminiscent of cookies), to exotic melons, to nutrient-rich green matcha.
What's more, you can enhance your milk drink with add-ons, such as toppings that are applied to the walls of the cup. They decorate the drink, adding colors and flavors that will surprise your senses and arouse curiosity. With a variety of fruit flavors available, iced milk is the perfect choice for warm summer days when you're looking for something to bring you a moment of relaxation and indulgence. It's also a great option for anyone who wants to try something new and original. With a wide range of flavors and additives, everyone can find something for themselves and enjoy a unique taste experience.
Don't wait any longer and try a milky drink with many available fruit flavors now! This is a drink that will bring you real pleasure and a smile on your face, while providing you with an unforgettable taste experience.

A list of our flavors that you can mix as you wish:

  • 20230119150217 banana
  • 20230119150242 caramel
  • 20230119120751 blueberry
  • 20230119150721 matcha
  • 20230119120906 raspberry
  • 20230119120914 mango
  • 20230119121008 melon
  • 20230119150358 coconut
  • 20230119150416 hazelnut
  • 20230119150436 papaya
  • 20230119150451 taro
  • 20230119150503 strawberry
  • 20230119150519 vanilla

Crazy Bubble toppings

Our milk drinks will become even better, choose delicious additives in many flavors - fruit and more!

  • 20230119134418

    A must-try is our popping balls boba, which hide delicious juice in a delicate seaweed shell. The tasteless shell bursts in your mouth causing an explosion of flavor and great fun!

  • 20230119135103

    You can also choose from very distinctive rectangular additions in the form of strips with fruity flavors that cause joy in anyone who tries them. Although commonly called jelly beans, they do not contain gelatin - made from natural coconut water.

  • 20230119135205

    Speaking of original additions for Crazy Bubble Tea, we can't leave out the delicious and nutritious tapioca, produced from cassava root and prepared according to a special recipe.

  • 20230119135213

    We also offer jellies in strip form as well. All the delicious additives are drawn through a straw with a customized diameter along with your drink each time experiencing uniquely fruity flavors.

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