1. These Terms and Conditions define the rules for accessing and using crazybubble.pl
  2. The provisions of these Regulations define the rights and obligations of Users, as well as the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the entity operating the Service. Users should familiarize themselves with the content of these Regulations before using the Service.


Capitalized terms used in these regulations mean:

a) Facebook - the social networking site Facebook, available at http://www.facebook.pl, connected to the application of the same name;

d) Operator - crazybubble.pl, represented by CB Poland Sp. z o.o. at ul. Korczoka 14 in Zabrze 41-806.

e) Regulations - this document;

f) Service - the crazybubble.pl website, available at the Internet address https://www.crazybubble.pl

g) User - an individual using the Service;


  1. The data administrator is CB Poland Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Zabrze 41-806 at Korczoka 14 St. Data protection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of generally applicable laws, and data storage takes place on secured servers.
  2. As a condition of using the Service, the User is obliged to read and accept the provisions of the Regulations.


  1. The service provider is the data controller of their clients. This means that if you have an account on our site, we process your data such as your first name, last name, username, email address and date of birth.
  2. The service provider is also the administrator of newsletter subscribers.
  3. Personal data is processed: a. in accordance with the regulations on personal data protection, b. in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, c. in the scope and purpose necessary to establish, shape the content of the Agreement, amend or terminate it and properly perform the Services provided electronically, d. in the scope and purpose necessary to fulfill legitimate interests (legally justified purposes), and the processing does not violate the rights and freedoms of the data subject: in the scope and purpose in accordance with the consent expressed by you if you subscribed to the newsletter.
  4. Everyone to whom the data relate has the right of access, rectification, erasure or restriction of processing, the right to object, the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.
  5. Contact with the person who supervises the processing of personal data in the Service Provider's organization can be done electronically at the e-mail address: info@crazybubble.pl
  6. We reserve the right to process your data after termination of the Agreement or withdrawal of consent only to the extent for the purpose of pursuing possible claims in court or if national or EU or international law obliges us to retain the data.
  7. The Service Provider has the right to share the User's personal data and other data of the User with entities authorized under applicable law (e.g. law enforcement agencies).
  8. The deletion of personal data may occur as a result of withdrawal of consent or filing a legally permissible objection to the processing of personal data.
  9. If the personal data is necessary for the performance of a particular Service, the request for deletion of such personal data is tantamount to a declaration of termination of the contract for the provision of a particular Service.
  10. The service provider does not share personal data with other entities than those authorized under applicable law.
  11. Personal data is processed only by persons authorized by us or by processors with whom we work closely.


  1. The use of the Website is possible provided that the User has access to the Internet and that the User's computer system meets the following minimum technical requirements:                                                  a) Internet Explorer version 8.0 or later with cookies enabled, or                                                b) Mozilla Firefox browser version 3.0 or later with cookies enabled, or, lub                                                                  c) Google Chrome browser version 21.0 or later with cookies enabled.                                             
  2. The Operator makes every effort to ensure continuous and uninterrupted access to the Service, but cannot guarantee its uninterrupted operation. Any disruptions or hindrances to the Service should be immediately reported to the Operator.
  3. In order to ensure the security of Users, the Operator takes the necessary technical and organizational measures appropriate to the content and purpose of the Service.
  4. Cookie files are text files sent by the Service and stored in the Internet browser, containing certain information related to the use of the Service by Users and Registered Users. The Operator uses cookies to ensure proper operation of the Website, analyze Website viewing statistics and its integration with external services such as Facebook.
  5. Cookies used by the Website may be temporary or permanent type. Temporary files of this type are deleted when the Service user's browser is closed, while permanent cookies are stored, even after use of the Service, and are used to store information to facilitate later access to the Service (password, login).
  6. At any time it is possible to block the use of cookies and delete permanent cookies using the appropriate settings available in your web browser.
  7. Restricting or blocking the use of cookies may affect the proper use of certain functionalities available on the Website.


Content made available on the Website is protected under the provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws 1994 No. 24 item 83 as amended). Without the Operator's written consent, copying, duplication and further sharing of materials on the Website is prohibited, with the exception of cases specified in generally applicable laws.


  1. In case of reservations related to the functioning of the Service, complaints should be reported to the Operator by e-mail to: info@crazybubble.pl
  2. The complaint notification should include the e-mail address of the reporting person and a brief description of the reported objections.
  3. A response to a complaint may be provided to the User in the form of an e-mail message.


  1. W sprawach nieuregulowanych niniejszym Regulaminem obowiązują przepisy powszechnie obowiązującego prawa.
  2. Operator z ważnych powodów zastrzega sobie możliwość zmiany niniejszego Regulaminu. Do ważnych powodów uzasadniających zmianę Regulaminu zalicza się w szczególności zmianę przepisów prawa powszechnie obowiązujące go, zmiany organizacyjne po stronie Operatora, zmianę zakresu usług świadczonych przez Operatora, brak dalszej możliwości świadczenia usług przez Operatora na obecnych warunkach.
  3. Operator jest administratorem danych osobowych Zarejestrowanych Użytkowników.

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Taiwan - or the beginning of the story of us

Crazy Bubble is the only brand serving original, unique Taiwanese Bubble Tea drinks. The chain is inspired by the birthplace of the famous tea - Taiwan. There, the popularisation of desserts with tapioca pearls, a food product made from cassava in the shape of balls, was initiated. Tapioca combined with tea, milk and sugar ushered in the era of Bubble Tea. Over time, ideas for this beverage began to diversify, and ideas included fruit teas with additives such as popping boba, nata de coco or jelly.

What distinguishes Crazy Bubble is its continuous efforts to introduce new flavours and types of drinks that are based on the traditions of Asian countries, but are also based on the originality of the brand's own recipes and customer preferences. Our venues are located in shopping centres, amusement parks and public places such as restaurants and zoos. In addition, we cater for events throughout Poland. Thanks to the best possible quality of ingredients, imported from their country of origin, our drinks are very popular.