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Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Green jasmine or black Ceylon tea

Welcome to the world of Bubble Tea where refreshing fruit flavors combine with fascinating additives such as popping boba, nata de coco and tapioca to create a unique taste experience.

Bubble Tea  is an original drink from Taiwan that has gained popularity around the world for its unique blend of flavors and textures. The history of Bubble Tea dates back to the 1980s when the fashion for mixing tea with additives began. However it wasn't until 1988 in Taipei that a young tea vendor combined tea with tapioca and created a novelty drink that has gained immense popularity.

If you haven't tried Bubble Tea yet, can't wait any longer! This drink is not only delicious, but also very refreshing. It's not only a great alternative to coffee, but additions such as fruits or jelly beans add even more flavor. Bubble Tea is also a great way to satisfy a sweet craving.

Let's start with our fruit flavors. Trying to find something to refresh you on hot days? Choose our Lime Bubble Tea which is perfect for those who are looking for flavors with an sour touch. We also offer strawberry flavor Bubble Tea which is perfect for lovers of sweet flavors or mango which will give you an exotic experience.

If you're a fan of Bubble Tea toppings we have something special for you. Our popping boba are small balls that explode in your mouth releasing a juicy filling flavor. Available in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, kiwi and passion fruit,. Popping boba is a great addition to our fruity Bubble Tea.

If you're looking for an additive to give more texture to your drink try nata de coco. This delicate, gelatinous substance made from young coconut will contrast perfectly with your refreshing Bubble Tea drink.

A list of our flavors that you can mix as you wish:

  • 20230119120727 pineapple
  • 20230119120736watermelon
  • 20230119120751 blueberry
  • 20230119120802 peach
  • 20230119120814 lemon
  • 20230119120822 grapefruit
  • 20230119120832 kiwi
  • 20230119120843 kumquat
  • 20230119120852 lychee
  • 20230119120859 lime
  • 20230119120906 raspberry
  • 20230119120914 mango
  • 20230119120922 passion fruit
  • 20230119121008 melon
  • 20230119121017 mint
  • 20230119123601 orange
  • 20230119123632 papaya
  • 20230119123640 red orange
  • 20230119123654 strawberry
  • 20230119123703 grape
  • 20230119123711 green apple

Crazy Bubble toppings

Our teas are so special mainly because of the delicious additions in many flavors - fruity and otherwise!

  • 20230119134418

    Be sure to try our boba popping balls, which hide delicious juice in a delicate seaweed shell. The tasteless shell bursts in your mouth causing an explosion of flavor and great fun!

  • 20230119135103

    You can also choose from very distinctive rectangular additions in the form of strips with fruity flavors that cause joy in anyone who tries them. Although commonly called jelly beans, they do not contain gelatin - made from natural coconut water.

  • 20230119135205

    Speaking of original additions for Crazy Bubble Tea, we can't leave out the delicious and nutritious tapioca, produced from cassava root and prepared according to a special recipe

  • 20230119135213

    We also offer jellies in strip form as well. All the delicious additives are drawn through a straw with a customized diameter along with your drink each time experiencing uniquely fruity flavors.

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